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MCA (Master of Computer Applications) (Duration- 3 Years)

Sahibzada Ajit Singh Group of Institutions awards the Master's Degree in Computer Applications.
The learning process is focused on grooming competent and confident software professionals who can be effective interface between latest computer technologies and real life problem in the dynamic business environment. A successful professional who has inculcated the qualities of a good human being has to be a gentleman first. Apart from academic and skill proficiency equal emphasis is given on human values and ethics.

The MCA program is designed to:

  • Implement theoretical knowledge to solve real life problems through ingenuity and articulation.
  • Develop analytical capability.
  • Inculcate “Espirit-de-corps" and establishing congruence between individual and team goals.
  • Keeping abreast with latest technologies.
  • Imbibe in the students the ability to rise above functional barriers and to take a holistic view of the entire value chain.


                                      MCA COURSE STRUCTURE



MCA-101 Introduction to Information Technology

MCA-102 Programming in C 

MCA-103 Accounting & Financial Mgmt. 

MCA-104 Mathematical Foundation 

MCA-105 System Analysis and Design

MCA-106 Software Lab-I (IT)

MCA-107 Software Lab-II (C)

MCA-201 Management Information System

MCA-202 Object Oriented Programming in C++    

MCA-203 Data Communication and Networks

MCA-204 Principles of Management 

MCA-205 Introduction to Mirco Processor

MCA-206 Software Lab-III (C++)

MCA-207 Hardware Lab-I (Microprocessor)



MCA-301 Computer System Architecture

MCA-302 Data Structure

MCA-303 Workshop on Visual Basic 


MCA-402 Software Engineering

MCA-306 Software Lab-IV (DS)

MCA-307 Software Lab-V (RDBMS-I)


MCA-305 Computer Based Optimization Methods

MCA-403 System Software 

MCA-404 Operating System 

MCA-405 Elective - I 

MCA-406 Software Lab-VI (RDBMS)

MCA-407 Software Lab VII (OS)



MCA-501 Computer Graphics 

MCA-502 Internet Programming and JAVA 

MCA-503 Elective - II 

MCA-504 Elective - III   

MCA-505 Software Lab-VIII (Graphics) 

MCA-506 Software Lab-IX (Java) 

MCA-507 Comprehensive Viva-Voce 

MCA-601 Project                                                           


Elective - I
MCA 405 A Artificial Intelligence  
MCA 405 B Robotics Engineering  
MCA 405 C Object Oriented Analysis and Design

Elective - II 
MCA 503 A E-Commerce  
MCA 503 B Compiler Design 

Elective – III
MCA 504 A System Simulation & Modelling  
MCA 504 B Advanced Micro Processor Systems. 

As per rules and regulation prescribed by Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar (Punjab).



MBA (Master of Business Administration) (Duration - 2 Years)

MBA offers a rare combination of challenging job profile, fast track growth and immense job satisfaction coupled with a lucrative remuneration. This course does not discriminate between students from differing professions. The world over, demand for MBAs is growing exponentially. At SASGOI, we nurture sustaining urge to work with nation's gifted minds and create managers who not only meet diverse challenges but surpass them.

The MBA Programme is designed to

  • Inculcate Managerial skills of International Standards.
  • Develop a global vision & understanding of International Business Environment.
  • Focus on overall development.
  • Muster & Commit optimum potential for self and organizational growth.
  • Communication & Soft-Skill competencies.
  • A commitment to ethical and value based business practices.
  • Consistent Interfacing with Industry to get hands on experience of corporate work- culture.
  • Competence to crystallize decisions under risk and uncertainty.


Semester - I
  • MB 101 - Principles & Practice of Management.
  • MB 102 - Organizational Behavior.
  • MB 103 - Accounting for Management.
  • MB 104 - Quantitative Techniques.
  • MB 105 - Managerial Economics.
  • MB 106 - Seminar on Executive Communication.
  • MB 107 - Workshop on Computers for Management.
  • MB 108 - Viva-voce.

Semester - II
  • MB 201-Business Environment.
  • MB 202-Production and Operations Management.
  • MB 203-Human Resource Management
  • MB 204-Marketing Management.
  • MB 205-Financial Management.
  • MB 206-Workshop on Research Methodology.
  • MB 207-Workshop on Information Technology.
  • MB 208-Viva -voce.
Core Subjects (in Semester 3 & 4)

Semester - III
  • MB 301-Applied Operations Research.
  • MB 302-Corporate Legal Environment.
  • MB 303-Major I
  • MB 304-Major II
  • MB 305-Major III / Minor-I
  • MB 306-Seminar on Management Information System.
  • MB 307-Presentation of Training Report
  • MB 308-Viva-voce

Semester - IV
  • MB 401-Strategic Management.
  • MB 402-Project Management & Entrepreneurship.
  • MB 403-Major IV
  • MB 404-Major V
  • MB 405-Major VI / Minor II
  • MB 406-Final Research Project
  • MB 407-Viva Voce


(A) Marketing
  • MB 901-Consumer Behaviour.
  • MB 902-Marketing Research.
  • MB 903-Retail and Supply Chain Management.
  • MB 904-Advertising and Sales Management.
  • MB 905-Rural Marketing.
  • MB 906-Services Marketing.
  • MB 907-International Marketing.

(B) Finance
  • MB 921-Securities Analysis & Portfolio Mgmt.
  • MB 922-Direct Tax Planning
  • MB 923-Strategic Financial Management.
  • MB 924-Management of Financial Services.
  • MB 925-International Finance.
  • MB 926-Management Control Systems.
  • MB 927-Financial Engineering.

(C) Operations
  • MB 941-Production Planning & Control.
  • MB 942-Purchasing Management.
  • MB 943-Inventory Management.
  • MB 944-Quality Management.
  • MB 945-Technology Management.
  • MB 946-Manufacturing Policy & Implementation.

(D) HR Management
  • MB 961-Social Security and Labour Welfare.
  • MB 962-Training & Development.
  • MB 963-Industrial / Organizational Psychology.
  • MB 964-Industrial Relations & Labour Laws.
  • MB 965-Organisational Development.
  • MB 966-Performance and Compensation Management.
  • MB 967-International Human Resource Management.

(E) Information Technology
  • MB 981-Programming in C/C++
  • MB 982-Relational Database Management System.
  • MB 983-Software Engineering.
  • MB 984-Visual Programming.
  • MB 985-E-commerce & IT Enabled Services.
  • MB 986-Introduction to Computer Network.
  • MB 987-Visual Programming.


BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) (Duration- 3 Years)

BCA is an ideal course for IT savvy students. BCA is a full time three years program. The program is designed to develop Computo-managerial capabilities. The program covers fundamentals of Management and detailed coverage of Computer Applications.

On completion of this programme, a student may undertake further studies ether in Computer Applications (MCA) or diversify to specialization in Management (MBA). Live projects from industry are undertaken by the students so as to enable them to develop capabilities to solve real life situations prevailing in the industry.

Course Curriculum

Semester - I
  • BC-101 Information Technology
  • BC-102 Maths - I
  • BC-103 Basic Accounting
  • BC-104 Programming in C
  • BC-105 Communication Skills
  • BC-106 Software Lab-I (BC-101 & 103)
  • BC-107 Software Lab-II (BC-104)

Semester - II
  • BC-201 Principles of Management
  • BC-202 System Analysis and Design
  • BC-203 Math - II
  • BC-204 Data Structures
  • BC-205 Digital Ckt. & Logical Design
  • BC-206 Hardware Lab-I
  • BC-207 Software Lab-III

Semester - III
  • BC-403 Computer System Architecture
  • BC-302 Management Info System
  • BC-303 Software Engineering
  • BC-304 Object Oriented Programming Using C++
  • BC-305 Introduction to Microprocessor
  • BC-306 Software Lab-IV (BC-304)
  • BC-307 Hardware Lab-II (BC-305)

Semester - IV
  • BC-401 Computer Networks
  • BC-402 Data Base Management System
  • BC-301 Maths II (Computer Oriented)
  • BC-404 Operating Systems
  • BC 405 Workshop on Visual Basic
  • BC-406 Software Lab-V (BC-402)
  • BC-407 Software Lab-VI (BC-404) (UNIX)

Semester - V
  • BC-501 Introduction to Internet & Java Prog.
  • BC-502 System Software
  • BC-503 Computer Graphics
  • BC-504 Operation Research
  • BC-505 Software Lab-VII (Web Design)
  • BC-506 Software Lab-VIII (BC-501)
  • BC-507 Software Lab-IX (BC- 503)

  • BC-601 Artificial Intelligence
  • BC-602 Handling Operating Systems
  • BC-603 Software Lab- X (Major Project II)
  • BC-604 Software Lab-XI (Web Designing)
  • BC-605 Software Lab-XII (BC 602)
  • BC-606 Seminar (BC 603)
  • BC-607 Comprehensive Viva-Voce

As per rules and regulation prescribed by Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar (Punjab).


BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) (Duration - 3 Years)

The BBA programme provides a strong foundation for Management aspirants at the formative stage itself. This course provides a thorough grounding in decision-making and support techniques and enables the students to deal with organizational problems. The BBA course at the institute offers students doorways to the careers in business through development of analytical abilities and an extensive knowledge management. The BBA graduates can combine subjects from all disciplines into major study in any area with subjects from law, economics, statistics, psychology, IT, marketing, HR, finance and banking.


Semester - I
  • BB 101 Principles of Management
  • BB 102 Basic Mathematics
  • BB 103 Micro Economics
  • BB 104 Organizational Behavior
  • BB 105 Business Communication - I
  • BB 106 Introduction to Computers - I

Semester - II
  • BB 201 Financial Accounting
  • BB 202 Macro Economics
  • BB 203 Business Laws-I
  • BB 204 Human Resource Management
  • BB 205 Business Communication-II
  • BB 206 Introduction to Computers -II

Semester - III
  • BB 301 Indian Economy
  • BB 302 Marketing Management
  • BB 303 Cost and Management Accounting
  • BB 304 Business Statistics
  • BB 305 Production and Operations Management
  • BB 306 Seminar

Semester - IV
  • BB 401 Research Methodology
  • BB 402 Financial Management
  • BB 403 Consumer Behavior
  • BB 404 Business Law-II
  • BB 405 Quality Management
  • BB 406 Introduction to DBMS

Semester - V
  • BB 501 Business Environment
  • BB 502 Project Management
  • BB 503 Advertising And Sales Management
  • BB 504 Marketing Research
  • BB 505 Management Information System
  • BB 506 Seminar on Training Report

Semester - VI
  • BB 601 Corporate strategy
  • BB 602 Entrepreneurship
  • BB 603 Service Marketing
  • BB 604 Business Law-III
  • BB 605 Banking and Working Capital mgmt.
  • BB 606 Project Presentation
  • CE-206 Environmental Science

As per rules and regulation prescribed by Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar (Punjab).