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Teaching Pedagogy:

Teaching Pedagogy:

“Teaching pedagogy of any institute reflects its core credentials & conscience”.

We at Campus breathe by the belief that learning is rejoice only if it’s discovery. Our core academic team spends mighty times to evolve innovative, noble & novel methodologies to make teaching realistic, research-oriented & worth reasonable. Pedagogical strategies are inclined towards real time challenges thus leading students strive & sustain every hurdle somewhat successfully. They actually learn the tactics how to confront issues & feasible means to resolve them.

Interestingly, what they come to learn is simply ‘applying logics to the problems they face”. To meet expectations of both worlds, i.e. industry & academics; we relentlessly Endeavour into developing and evolving interactive measures to make teaching a novel profession, a enthusiastic passion.

Common teaching pedagogies (I.T & Mgmt. Programs):-

Case studies, 2. Role Plays, 3. Simulation Studies, 4. Brain storming, 5. Interactive seminars, 6. Transactional Symposia & 7. Sensitivity Analysis
The intention is to bring the hidden talent out of the student & to make him/her aware of him, all the way.

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